Sunday, May 29, 2011

Babycakes Mini Donut Maker

I was a Kohl's yesterday and found the Babycakes Mini Donut Maker.  I have the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker so decided to make the purchase.  Who doesn't like donuts?  I figured that since they are not deep fried, they may be better for you.

This morning I decided the make the Buttermilk Spice Donut from the recipe book included with the cooker since I had all of the ingredients (including the buttermilk which was leftover from another recipe).  Followed the instructions and decided to go with the tip listed in the manual which is to put the batter in a plastic bag with the tip cut off. 
 When you cut off the tip of the bag, be sure to place the cut side up so that all of the batter does not come out.

Fill the wells with the batter until it just reaches the top and close the lid and make sure it locks.  Cook for about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes and open the lid and turn and cook another 2 1/2 minutes.  Since these donuts start cooking from the bottom first and then start to rise, the tops don't brown as evenly and the bottoms and this is unavoidable in any cooker.  It is the way it is, don't worry about it, but turning half way through helps.

Remove the donuts from the cooker and place on the cooling rack (which is provided along with the donut fork for turning and removing donuts).

Now to apply a coating.  I decided I would like a maple glaze.  I followed the recipe book for the vanilla glaze but used maple instead of vanilla.  I do have to tell you that I was not happy with the way the glaze was adhering to the donuts, I had to keep putting the glaze into the microwave to keep it thinned because it kept setting up.  But, problem solved, I put the bowl over a pot of simmering water to keep it warm and liquidy and it was a snap to glaze the donuts.  I also tried a blend of cinnamon and sugar and put them into the mixture right out of the cooker.  There wasn't a lot of sugar mixture that stuck to the donuts but it was enough.  If they were fried, the oil would make the sugar mixture stick more but I am not into fried donuts, I don't like the oilyness of them. The donuts turned out great, and tasty!  I liked it, easy to use!   I am thinking of a pumpkin spice donut next with vanilla frosting.  They turn out like little cakes with a hole in the middle.

Recipe made about 36 mini donuts I think (I was "tasting" while cooking).  Easy to make, didn't take long, tastes good, and not fried.  Makes a good party treat.

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