Sunday, December 30, 2012

Perfect Fluffy Hash Brown Potatoes

Have you ever cooked frozen hash browns only to have a gummy, globby mess?  I have countless times!  I know, the instructions say to brown and flip only once.  Sorry, but I can't help myself.  Standing at the stove, my hands have to be moving and that includes moving and flipping the stuff in the pans, after all, what else do you have to do while standing there?

I found the secret to making a great hash brown potato is this.........use a freshly baked potato.  When you bake the potatoes, you keep the starches from turning to "glue".  I microwave them until they are almost done like you would eat a baked potato.  While they are still hot (be careful) remove the skin, unless you like the skin on which is also yummy. They peel really easy just by pulling off the skin with a knife.

Chop up the potatoes into the desired size of chunks and place into a non stick frying pan with a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and on medium heat cook until golden brown. Season as desired with salt and pepper.   If you wish, add about a tablespoon of butter for a richer taste.  The picture also has my perfectly round fried eggs from a previous post,  check that one out too.