Friday, September 21, 2012

Easy Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Ahhhhhh, fall is in the air! I love the look and smells of fall. Here in the Pacific Northwest the trees leaves are starting to turn from green to the reds and yellows. Each and every September I get the uncontrollable craving for pumpkin dishes. Among my favorites are these easy pumpkin spice cookies. They are so simple to make and just four ingredients (which I like) for the cookies and you can use a tub of premade frosting for the top but don't forget to lightly sprinkle with nutmeg. The cookies are so soft and moist and people request these from me each fall as if we cannot start the season without them. I use the double recipe because, a) they go quickly, and, b) it uses a whole can of pumpkin and if you use vanilla frosting in the tub, it uses one whole tub so there are no leftovers. I hope you give them a try.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ultimate Mini Deep Dish Pizza

Ok, this is not exactly a new idea, but it is a new twist on french bread pizza - deep dish french bread pizza. I love how this turns out and makes a perfect party food. With football season starting, it would also make a perfect snack for all of your football buddies. Also great for birthday parties, pot lucks, and for lunch or dinners. Make them all the same or different, whatever you choose.