Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mis-Shapened Fried Egg Problem Solved

I love fried eggs, but in my house, fried eggs are a lot like snowflakes, no two are alike.  Problem solved!!!  Again, I was "thumbing" through Pinterest and found a blog where a wide mouth canning ring was used to make the perfect fried egg.  Low and behold, it worked!

In the Pinterest blog, she makes a sunny side up egg.  I just want it on record that I say yeew!  I do not like sunny side, I like over easy fried eggs, but in this case, for my demonstration, over hard for a breakfast sandwich.

It was so simple, I have tons of wide mouth canning jar rings.  The trick is to lay the ring with the flat edge down on the pan.  Some seepage may occur.  And when the egg has set up, simply flip ring and egg over to cook the other side and the ring is easily removed at this point.
You can cook one or multiple eggs at a time depending on the size of pan you have.  In the picture at the top of this post is a plain over easy fried egg.  Make sure you have a good non stick pan or as I refer to them as my egg pans.  Below are the steps to fry an egg and for this demonstration I made a breakfast egg sandwich with the egg.

This is a wide mouth canning jar ring

Place ring into a nonstick pan on medium to medium low heat and spray with nonstick spray (including the ring).

This is what you will have at this point.

This is optional, I added a bit of cooked crumbled bacon to the bottom of the ring.  You could also use sausage, ham, Spam, or corned beef, whatever you prefer.

Crack open egg into the ring.  Again, flat side down on the ring.

I purposely broke the yolk for this one to make a breakfast sandwich.  I don't know about you, but I don't like egg yolk running down my face and hands.

Covering the pan with a lid help the egg to set so it will be easier to turn.

Check after a couple minutes and the egg should be semi set on the top

Flip ring and egg over.


It is a perfect fit for an English muffin.

Add a slice of American cheese and you have the perfect bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich!